A downloadable game for Windows

Flesh N' Metal is a 90s shooter in 2019. The game allows you to explore maze-like levels looking for keys to unlock the next area, while pumping lead into the enemies that want to kill you.


- Epic Combat

- Bloody Executions

- Challenging Score System

- High Scores

- Old School Game play

- Modern graphics

- Plenty of secret areas in every level

- Active Ragdolls

- Kick enemies to push them back, and kick corpses around to disrespect them, and heal in the process!

-Pickup corpses and use them as a meat shield instead of an offhand item

- Or just toss them at their living counterparts!

- Customizable difficulty

Want to play try it out? Play the Alpha version of the First Act for free!

Also, do you actually like the Game?

If so, please leave a comment! All feedback will be heard. This is a one man passion project that is as big a joke as it is a game!

And join our discord! It might be active if you all join! 


StatusIn development
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
Tagsdemons, Doom, First-Person, old-school

Install instructions

Download. Unzip. Play.


Flesh n' Metal Demo 1

Development log


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linux ?

do a mac version bc i have a shit computer and its a 8 yr old mac


pretty sure you can use bootcamp

this is really cool good job man